Team BeadQuilt

Guestbook Excerpts

The Bead Quilt Project remains an enduring tribute to the events of September 11th 2001, and how they touched our world. When we started the project, none of us were sure if it could really make a difference - but members of the beading community united to give it a try.

As the squares started to come in, we could see how making them really helped these artists to cope with their feelings about the attacks. What's surprising is the way that this healing effect continues to ripple out as people view the quilts ... Each and every exhibit has proven to be both emotional and powerful - sometimes the viewers weep quietly as they look at the squares and read the accompanying statements. Other people chat with strangers next to them about how wonderful it makes them feel to such an overwhelming show of strength and positivity.

Please read some excerpts from the Bead Quilt Guestbook:
(*beaded a square for the quilts)


7/18/02 So wonderful to see this display in person. I’m so proud to be a part of this effort!
Dale Subitch*

7/20 Wonderful, inspiring hope for humanity!
Wendi Norred

7/20 It’s a shame such a great tragedy has to occur for us to create such a great expression of unity and hope.


8/30/02 A significant statement.
Julia A.Z.

8/30 Thanks for honoring our country!
Angie Stuart

8/30 Speaks for us all..
Sandra Schnieders

8/31 Incredibly evocative.
Laurie Saikin*

8/31 Your display is extremely touching.
Canda Malloy

8/31 It brings tears!
Cindy Crolli

8/31 My husband’s a fireman. Thank you!
Norma Enfield

8/31 An eye treat!
Paula Tindall

8/31 An awesome project to be a part of!!!!
Wendy Wuitschick*

8/31 All of those who contributed should be very proud as I am of my daughter, Wendy.
Carol Atencio

8/31 This is amazing. It brougt tears to my eyes! Thank you for helping us remember.
Christa Stefano

8/31 This is simply fantastically beautiful. I saw the cloth memorial quilt yesterday, but this is much more wonderful. Please put together a book about this!
Kathy M.

8/31 A stunning example of artistry and compassion. Very moving!

8/31 It is wonderful to see this in person. I contributed one square and have seen the entire quilt online, but I doesn’t compare to the effect of seeing it in person. I hope the quilt travels far & wide - maybe someone will help publish a book?
Julia Kagiwada*

8/31 God bless your efforts in remembering our heroes.
Lauralee Moris

8/31 I am forever grateful to have had a small part in this great tribute.
Connie Relf*

8/31 Thank you for this exhibit. I’ll never forget it.
Carole Schatz

8/31 Your exhibit is wonderful. Your work is beautiful. Always remember.
Bree Amstone

8/31 Beautiful, but painful to see so close to the anniversary. Memories of a tragedy - promises of hope! Thank You!
Gail Loper

9/01 As a Muslim, I am proud to participate in this great project.
Fyza Maulidad*

9/01 Best exhibit at the quilt show!
Lynette Olsen

9/01 Beautiful - Too many goosebumps...Proud to be involved!
Dawn Montieth*

9/01 I am amazed in the detail and hard work put into these beaded squares.
Natalie Vara

9/01 These are sooooo touching to the whole world! They are wonderful. United we all stand! Thanx!
Kate Cordova

9/01 I had the honor of contributing 3 squares to the quilt and I hope to have the honor of seeing it many times again!
Paula Purpura*

9/01 Tears cannot wash away blood, and blood cannot dry away tears.
Veronica Purpura

9/01 Absolutely amazing and awe inspiring...congratulations on a wonderful project - beautifully executed..
Sabine Steinmetz

9/01 A wonderful uplifting pleasure to see.
Pat Price

9/01 A breathtaking accomplishment. Bless you all for your efforts.
Cecilia Prado

9/01 I’m moved beyond words. What a beautiful project. God bless you all.

9/01 An astounding work of tribute.
Diane Clifford.

9/01 It takes my breath away.
Eva McCatty

9/01 Your work is so meaningful.
Dan Cohen KFMB-TV

9/01 A wonderful gift to America.
Katrina Yanizya

9/01 Amazing and heart wrenching.
Lynn Glyn

A DAY of REMEMBERANCE Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego, CA ~ 2002

9/11/02 People caring about people…love in action! Through beads! Amen!
Mike Johnson

9/11 This quilt was not made by fabric or beads, but by the people’s love and hope.
Cody E. Adams* (Age 9)

9/11 Thank you! The American Spirit of hope, faith and sinsitivity lives on thru all of your hard heartfelt labors.
Bonnie Garcia

9/11 So many people effected by a few short minutes - so much tragedy...Thank you for putting together something that will always keep the sadness, the heroes and the fact that time goes on in our minds.
Karen Thornberg

9/11 Thank you so much for bringing the Memorial Bead Quilt to Spanish Village Art Center in San Diego. What a labor of love!
Ellie Hitchcock

9/11 This is an incredible work of art in the face of such a tragedy. Thank you so very much!
Patty Mitchell

9/11 Compelling, moving, touching. Hope and Peace.
David Hamilton

9/11 Faith, hope, Love! THANK YOU for doing the bead quilt!
Kim Wu

9/11 Wonderful that so many cared!
Mary S. West

9/11 May peace and love abide.
Elaine McVey*

9/11 Thank you so much for this beautiful memorial.
Suzanne Franco

9/11 Thank you or sharing your talents and our sorrow in such a beautiful tribute. Peace and harmony to all.
Barbara Sage

9/11 Our hearts,blessings, and prayers go out to the families of the victims!
Michele & Henry Werch

9/11 God Bless all of you who used your gift to show we are united!

9/11 Through art we show our love.
Caren Montgomery

9/11 Thank you for the lovely works and tribute. God Bless.

9/11 This really expresses all the different emotions that 9-11 brought to our lives. This is beautiful!
Tina Hoyte

9/11 We can never do enough! Thank you!
Jan Stewart

9/11 Beauty and reverance!
Mara Lettan

9/11 Thank you all for this beautiful quilt.
Mara-Gwen Land

9/11 Thank you for all your hard work and love! Thank you, thank you!
Kristen Siegel

9/11 Thank you for all the bead quilts
Adam O. (10 yrs old)

9/11 Thank you for this social quilt.
R. Vincent

9/11 This is the most touching memorial. Well done!

9/11 Love beads every one.

9/11 Amazing Grace.
Toni Barros

9/11 Never has anything so beautiful been created because of something so ugly. Live on USA!
B. Wheeler

9/11 This quilt helps us all...We’ve all been deeply affected, but unity lives because we all share the same skies and stars.

9/11 WOW! Great job of love! Peace be with us all.
Glenn Stafford

9/11 We all have a purpose, and you have found yours.
Tom & Jackie Milazzo

9/11 Diverse art!!!
Mark Little BPP

9/11 Remember this day. Bless America.
Edie Pettengill

9/11 God Bless America.
Nick Glover (8 yrs old)

9/11 I ingoy your guyses beed qiuilt.
Donnie Reeves (8 yrs old)

9/11 Great work for the soul and healing. Just wonderful-makes my heart sing!
Bonnie Christi

9/11 Nice work and effort to remember all the people we lost on September 11th.
Cris Christi

9/11 This is a day of memory. All day the names of the peole whose lives were taken have been broadcast. The Bead Quilt is a beautiful way of expressing the sentiments we feel. Each person has a unique message and the diverse parts make a unified statement. I think that is what America is all about.
Shirley Roese Bahnsen

9/11 Everyone is very proud of all your hard work and dedication. Such a wonderful idea, Andrea. Good luck on the documentary.
Tanya Morales

9/11 May the Mighty God Bless America and protect it from the enemy. This Bead work has a lot of meaning for this day. Congratulations to all who participated in this project.
Mary W. Page

9/11 Please everyone, find peace.
Joyce Clagett

9/11 You did a great job on your quilts!
Marisol Orozco (age 9)

9/11 Wonderful projects you’re doing – Thanks. All the best to you America and the world. United we stand!
Emily Hart (Tasmania, Australia)

9/11 A myriad of emotions are represented honestly...even the negative feelings-that’s HONEST!
Alison Black

9/11 Seeing people’s reactions today, on this, the anniversary of that most tragic day in the life of America... then watching the documentaries and the specials this evening, is painful, but healing at the same time. Having been a part of the Bead Quilt project has undoubtedly been one of the best ways to start healing the holes in my soul! As I watch the specials tonight, my heart aches all over again for the victims and the heroes... then when I remember all of the hugs and the thanks we have gotten when people see the quilts…then I know we’ve made a small difference in a few peoples’ lives….and that’s the best we can do. Thanx again, Andrea, for giving me this opportunity!!
Rosa Meyer*

Spanish Village, Balboa Park, San Diego ~ 2002

9/15/02 Glad more people will be able to appreciate the beauty that has come from this tragedy.
T. Ross

9/15 Beautiful! I’m so glad I was able to view this beautiful exhibit. Thank you to all who participated.
Marie Martinez

9/15 Thank you for sharing this beautiful creation with San Diego.
Carol & Lauren White

9/15 What a great way to memorialize. Thank you for allowing us to be a part.
Brooke White

9/15 Wonderful people doing so much for so many.
Janet Popovic

9/15 This just proves how strong and beautiful we are when we work together.

9/15 I think these quilts had a lot of thought. Very colorful and well done.
Kahtija Popovic (age 11)

9/15 It makes me so proud to see so many come together in heart and prove to us all that life prevails in the midst of chaos.

9/15 I love the USA and the bead place.
Amanda Eggers (age 11)

9/15 Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Big Hearts!
Mom & Dad, Charles and Joy Beauchaine, Glendale, AZ. (Retired Army WW11, Korea, Viet Nam….Bead Museum!)

9/15 I am a quilter and many people made 9-11 quilt blocks. I LOVE your “bead quilt”!
Susan Botels

9/15 Powerful statement! We are united after all! God bless us all!
Lidia & Paul Solosky

9/15 Will always stand together forever.
Thomas Conyers

9/15 Wonderful expressions from the heart.
Leah & Mary

9/15 How healing it is to see beauty come out of fear and heartbreak! If only all responses to violence could be this positive!
Denise Robideau

9/15 Healing to all!
Sue Tyner

9/15 FAR-OUT-WORK - amazing work by amazing people! WOW!
Tim McGuire

9/15 Our thoughts and prayers are with you from Scotland.

9/15 This quilt expresses it all.

9/15 Projects like these ones, understandably so evoke such emotions. Thank you!
Dr. Wright Minnesota

9/15 It’s just beautiful – Thanks to all who could express their thoughts in such a meaningful way.
Jinny Alipeanda

9/15 There can be no forgetting!

9/15 What an amazing, beautiful gift! Thank you for sharing in San Diego.

9/15 Thank you for your healing work.
D.Z. Parker

9/15 Awesome, straight to the heart!!
Ed Warner

10/05/02 I work for Project Liberty in N.Y. – This confirms why!
Peace, Trish

10/05 I’m breathless!
Victoria Bueno

10/05 Incredibly heart warming.
Janet Miller


10/30 The most beautiful work I have seen!
Debbie Win

10/30 Wonderful and touching – Expresses how we all felt that day.
Cristy Boothe

10/30 Thank you for sharing your feelings in such beautiful form.
Etta McFarland

10/30 Thank you- no words can express our thoughts – but prayers are with us all.
Charla Vicke

10/30 This is an awesome display of beaders talents!
Royelle Giddings

10/30 This gives us all hope in continuing our mission in living on this planet in peace.

10/30 I’m awestruck…speechless!
Norma D. Horn

10/30 This is stunning and a gift of love and caring.
Anna Kim (Uzbekistan)

11/01 Very awesome and a wonderful art to share!
Donna Halbert

11/01 Wonderful to see them all together. Thank You!
Fran Meneley*

11/01 Awesome, good healing here!
Kathy York

11/01 WOW!
Janet Kay Skeen*

11/01 It’s so awesome to see it all. This is an incredible work to see in person! I’m so glad I’m a part of such a major work – The world pulls us together in tragedy!
Angi Riehl*

11/01 A project of phenomenal value!
Judy Meeker

11/01 Thank you for this beautiful piece of healing work.
Pat Gibson EMT-I

11/02 One square to NY, the other to PA – Thank you for allowing me to participate in this project. My husband and son are both firefighters. That’s why I beaded the emblem for the International Association of Firefighters.
Kathy Young*

11/02 I love the designes.
Georgia Winwood (Age 12)

11/02 It was very moving to see these designs.
Kelsey Crailes (Age 11 ½)

11/02 Square on Pennsylvania Panel !…It is incredible to finally see them in person. Thank you Andrea!
Jan Jones*

11/02 Very beautiful! My soul cries out!
Ruth Blakeley

11/02 Words can’t express…
Donna Boyd

11/02 Very moving, very emotional. I feel honored to have had a small part of this work-this head experience!
Debra Pyeatt*

11/02 American female…Very well done…human race! We all want what’s guaranteed us in our Constitution…life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. Hate has no place in that!
Dhabian (Saudi Arabia)

11/02 I am so proud of mother, Betty Bourdet* and my sister, Susan Allansen*!
Debra Garbett

11/02 Out of great suffering, great compassions come!

11/02 A gift for our spirit!
Lauren Robny

11/03 Thank you for putting this beautiful tribute together!
Gail Ellspermann


11/08 You are a hero, too!
Natalie Murphy

11/09 What a beautiful, moving tribute to the land of the free and the home of the brave!
Mary Stark Love

11/09 The quilt gives me chills. Thank you.
Lisa Shapiro

11/10 This is so powerful, I am having problems writing this. Thank you for the profound outpouring!

LONE TREE LIBRARY Lone Tree, Colorado ~ 2002,2003

12/28/02 How great to have the Bead Quilt here!
Devon Billings

12/29 I’m humbled!
Murph Stokes

12/29 Amazing piece of art, I’m speechless!
Katie Shalton

12/29 Your beads helped me.
Javier Slatter

12/31 It is a very touching display of empathy and emotions.

1/03/03 Absolutely breathtaking – What a wonderful tribute to 9/11.
S. Berg

1/05/03 I’m proud of my sister – she contributed to the quilt. Because it came to Denver area, I got to see it. Thank you!
Penny Smith (Sister of Julieann Smith*)

1/12 Let the healing continue!
Susan Boyd

1/15 What an exquisite and breathtaking tribute!! Thank you!
Luann O’Malley

1/15 Better in person than in photos!
Judith Bertaglio-Giffin*

1/28 The creativity and emotions displayed are…overwhelming. Words do it no justice.
Kyallee Dalrymple*

1/30 Beautiful display of hope and sorrow.
Linda Spires

1/30 Thank you to everyone who had a part in this monumental project – including me! Thank you to Lone Tree Library, too, for making this exhibition possible. Hope many more people get to see these – in New York, Washington, D,C, and Pennsylvania. It will help us all to heal ourselves.
Martha Towne*

1/30 Wonderful, beautiful and thoughtful – what a magnamus gesture.

1/31 Mom and I especially like the K-9 Hero square. It reminds people to remember the K-9’s involved in 9/11.
Sara & Pam Eberl

1/31 There ain’t no doubt I love this land, God Bless the USA!
Pat Dowd*

BEAUCOUP CONGE Tucson, AZ ~ 2003

2/5 Glad I was finally able to see it in person…awe inspiring! Thanks Andrea for getting this going!
Jan Smith*

2/5 The display is fantastic to see in person. An inspiring project.
Doris Howell*

2/6 What wonderful support for our nation! Thank you to all who express their hearts through such amazing efforts and talents. USA!
Erin Gabrielle Casillas

2/6 Thank you for the healing, loving creativity!
Nancy Aley

2/6 Having viewed the quilt 3 times, I can say that it maintains, if not increases it’s impact on my soul.
Frances “Casey” Case*

2/11 Amazing collaborative effort. Thank you for sharing.

2/11 Thanks for putting your thoughts, prayers and feelings into art!
Marilyn Caywood

2/12 Andy wouldn’t believe it if he could see how much love and goodwill was stitched into this expression – let his death not be in vain. God bless us all.
Steve-Anne Stephens

2/13 It’s wonderful to see a peaceful reaction to 9/11. Thanks
Cher Bouchard

2/26 Incites emotions!
Jeronimo Suarez


2/28 What a meaningful tribute!
Jodi Carlson

2/28 Large thoughts from such small beads! Thanks so much for sharing this!
Karalyn Eckerle

FIBER ARTS FIESTA Albuquerque, NM ~ 2003

5/23/03 This is a wonderful, creative, touching exhibit. Hopefully, it will be published with each beaders’ comments!
Mary Waldman

5/24 How moving – to know that for each bead sewn, a thousand tears are shed.
Vanessa Tuttle

5/24 Thank you for creating such a heartfelt outlet – wonderful!

5/24 Human nature is so amazing – To create something so beautiful from such tragedy! Thank you!
Shirley Whyte

5/24 From pain comes art…
Penelope Boston


5/31 This is a beautiful example of talented people.
Jan Fox

5/31 Awesome beadwork!
Paula Parmenter

5/31 Came by to see my square in the quilt!
Lillian Todaro*

5/31 Awesome – taking a tragedy and changing to something loving and memorable.
L. Shelton

5/31 Who ever you are I like your beeds.
Love Sierra Rea DeAndrade

5/31 We really engoy your beads.
Love, Dana

5/31 Thank you for bringing art and peace together.

5/31 What a beautiful, creative tribute!
V. Mollen

6/01 Beyond anything I have ever seen – It changes you!
Barbara Sheble

6/01 Very beautifully done for the most horrific thing to have happened in America!
Estel Heaps

6/01 Very impressive display of individual creativeness!
Robert L Norris MD


8/10 Wow – What an incredible tribute. This has truly touched our hearts. As a member of the armed forces, I truly appreciate the patriotic and devoted spirit of the American heart. We will always remember what happened, but the quilt will help us remember the feelings. Thank you!
Victoria Hill USNR

8/10 More amazing and beautiful to see. It touches the soul!
Stephanie Morris Ornament Magazine

8/10 how can you do that? this is so interesting
Rachel Ruiz

8/10 The quilt is magnificent! It made me think of all the love expressed.

8/10 Every time I see it I cry. A living historical document.
Peter Wiley/Kelly Ladas


8/28 Thank you for your visions and hope – The future looks brighter because of love.

8/28 This is the most touching exhibit I’ve seen. Thank you for bringing this all together.

8/29 I love each one, Beautiful and touching!

8/29 God bless you for a venue to fill our hearts with the love the contributers felt.

8/29 Let’s keep rolling!
Trudy Hovell

8/29 My favorite one is by Dawn Marvin. I love the idea of putting money in the beads! It is very beautiful.
Haley Wragg

8/29 With heartfelt appreciation to every soul that made the trubute blocks for the victims of 9/11/01.
Millie Noble

8/29 This makes my heart hurt!
Pat Mahaffey

8/30 The most breathtaking display ever!
Anne Stillman

8/30 Touched me deeply!
Robin Ruiz

8/30 Gave me chills – VERY powerful!
Debbie Taylor

8/31 The Bead Quilt is my favorite thing at SDQS
Rita Ferell

8/31 How poignant and beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us!
Kathy Brande

8/31 Very powerful. It brought tears to my eyes to see the expressions of hope and sorrow

8/31 Beautiful – There’s hope for humanity!
Kathy Holcomb

8/31 I think that your work is very, very beautiful. I love all of the colors that you blend together.
Name, Amanda (age 10)

8/31 This is a wonderful way to express our feelings about our loss on 9/11/01. May we always remember their sacrifices.
Myla Stokes Kelly

8/31 I think your work is awsom! I wish I could make things like that.
Name, Erin Leeds (age 8)

8/31 I think its cool how people are nice enough to do something like this.


9/11/03 Must of taken a lot of work and that was a sad day.
Gilbert Orozco

9/11 I think their great, I would love to know how to do this, I think its wonderful to show how you care.
Becca 8th grade

9/11 I hope that this incident will help us in the future and hope it made each individual stronger in their spirits and emotions. God bless every one.
Lucy Gracias

9/11 Rock on America, and good luck to the troops that work so hard at keeping this land free.
Avery K. 8th grade

9/11 I love the quilt because we know how you feel and it makes me proud to live in this country.
Cristy Usick 8th grade

9/11 I think this is a great idea to honor all those poor people who died that sad day.
Quinn Shadcan

9/11 United we will always stand!
Musica Khammany 8th grade

9/11 Thank you for serving our country.
Kiara Smithel

9/11 America #1
Josh Wakeland 8th grade

9/11 Thanks for the reminder, its sad but beautiful!

9/11 Sad but beautiful and it makes me angry. I honor everybody here who made it. It’s very moving. Everyone who made this happen deserves to be noticed. They didn’t use beads, they used there soul and hearts.
Andrew Antonio 8th grade

9/11 The German Shephard is cool.
Andrew Keselburg


9/17/03 This project renews hope in our unity, harmony and spirit of resilience.
Michael Brady

9/17 I haven’t been to Ground Zero, and for me, this is probably the most moving experience of 9/11 I’ve felt. Thank you for bringing us this magnificent and heartfelt testimonial.
L. Beckel

9/17 this display is incredible, a wonderful idea to encourage people to use their creativity and help in the healing process of others.
Georgia C.N.A.

9/17 Creativity heals!
Katharyn Morgan

9/17 Powerful, moving – this is where hope and belief live.
Melody Fitch

9/17 Absolutely beautiful! These little quilts made me feel a multitude of feelings. A work of art and life.
Bill York U.S. Naval Academy FFSC

9/17 What a moving message of, for and through humanity. If only goodness could be content and bring out the best.
Nijishele Watlo

9/17 What a moving tribute… creates a sense of unity around the world. The whole project touched my heart profoundly. My wish for the world is love, peace, joy and abundance. Thank you to all the contributors.
Barbara Marquez

9/17 The squares are amazing and say so much without words.
Wendy Smith, MD

9/17 Touching display of hope, courage and faith for tomorrow.

9/17 An inspirational and touching tribute – a hopeful view of the resilience of our spirits. Thanks.

9/17 Amazing story in each square, very moving!

9/17 What a beautiful way for people to remember!
S.D.A., MD

9/18 Thank you! What a beautiful way to remind us that we must not forget, but we must care-and learn to love and respect our differences as one!
Trini Nunez

9/18 Extraordinarily healing to those of us who are survivors, rescuers and helping professionals.
Susan Eckberg Pentagon 9/11/01

9/18 HELP is bigger than a four letter word.
Yvonne Harvey

9/18 I was here studying violence when the world, nation, and our hearts were forever changed. May each bead be a prayer for healing and strength.
Paula Gregg RN, MFI

9/18 Thank you for your devotion to this project.

9/18 Really awe inspiring, moving and empowering. Thank you for shining the light of love on our tears.
Eva Carner

9/19 The quilt will lend beauty to heart wrenching places that we have visited including the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and Shanksville. The time, caring and patient work used to create each beaded square is reflective of how we should continue to rebuild and strengthen our freedom.

9/19 The feeling from every quilt is so powerful and moving for the soul. People standing together to express their feelings from different parts of the world – it makes me feel that no matter what happens people with good hearts will always be united some way or another!
Diane G. MD

9/19 The project is moving and emotional…It touches every emotion in ourselves. Thank you for not forgetting and thank you for the dedication to these angels.

9/19 Such a tribute – and an honor to be able to view and remember.
Janet B.

9/19 Very glad you are here! Thanks
Bob Giffer

9/20 Showing your love through your wonderful talents. Thank you.
Gale. S.

9/20 We share the grief.
Fran L.C.

9/20 The lump in the throat, the lift of the heart – Humanity touched with beauty and sorrow.
Peter Alvirez

9/20 I was raised in the NY, PA area and on 9/11 had people in PA, Washington DC and VA area in the Pentagon – This work brings all the memories back – Great Work
Barbara Perks

9/20 Thank you for sharing this magnificent work of healing art!
Dr. Nicole Gaskin

9/20 Proud to have been part of this awesome project – Brings me to tears every time I look at it!
Dawn Monteith*

“THE WORLD of BEADS VI” ~ Museum of Arts & Design, NY

10/17 Thank you for remembering us. Continue to keep us in your prayers.
Geena Travis New York

10/17 Truly amazing and memorable.
Chris Love

10/17 I’m in tears all over again. It’s beautiful and so tender.
Joan K. NY

10/17 The best exhibit yet!
Helen Rogers

10/17 So amazing, so heartfelt, so beautiful, yet so sad!
Carol Collier

10/17 What an awesome tribute…varied…wonder filled!

10/17 So masterfully put together with the exception of the Guiliani portrait. He divided NYC.
John Greenwood NYC

10/19 I cried when I walked around this moving work of heart and art!

10/19 A tribute so moving and so extremely poignant to so many.

10/19 So very moving – so beautifully creative. We are honored to see this work.
Harriet & Stan Hendel

10/19 Thank you! Muchas Gracias! Merci!

WHOLE BEAD SHOW Tucson, AZ. ~ 2004

02/02/04 An honor and privilege to be in the presence of such an outpouring of love.
Renee & Cheryl

02/02 The most moving, heartfelt, love pouring experience I’ve seen. Thank you with love!
Thank you Aloha!

Corine Billedo 02/02 Very beautiful – Tell much love was given to this. Hope it will be seen by many! With love to all…
Carolyn Greenwal

02/04 Beyond words, my spirit is touched. Thank you. Aloha
Corrine Feldman

02/04 I love to see this again!
Jean Campbell

02/04 Bless you Andrea for starting this project.

02/05 The gretestst (not a typo!)
Jonna W. Kino

02/06 Love this display…too bad it had to be done.

02/07 As a veteran of the Gulf War, I was touched.

02/07 I found every piece extremely beautiful.
Elena Culver

02/09 It is amazing to see how differently the artists have used the medium of beads to depict an image of expressing their grief, sorrow and anger. Being an artist myself, it still surprises me to see such beautiful creativity!
Susan Pacith

02/09 Emotion in beauty
Bob Ritchie

02/09 What an awesome work of art, sweat and tears.
Esther Howard

02/09 I spent a day watching the bead quilt so that people could view it. The effect it had on everyone was moving.

CITY FEST Hillcrest, CA. ~ 2004

08/08/04 Thank you for bringing this heartfelt art to the community.

08/08 The main message – One People, One World!
Susan Davenport Moore

08/08 Great way to express your grief and support!
Dave. Memhaul

08/08 Can we forget? I think not & God bless the families who are survived of the victims.
Doug Mench

08/08 A wonderful expression of art
Lance Wren

08/08 Thank you for all of this.
Derrick Doehler (San Gabriel Fire Dept)

08/08 Breaks your heart proud!
Sean D. Conchetto

08/08 The good will overcome with grace and style such as this! Thank you!
Sharon Flores


09/03 We will never forget!
Ernie Torres (Pasadena Fire Dept.)

09/03 It was an honour to be a part of the Release of Souls Experience. God Bless Us All.
Fiona Blackburn

09/03 Awesome performance and exhibit. So glad to be a part of history. All my love,
Robyn Adams

09/03 The few hours that I was here to experience the good that so many people have, has been very uplifting. Thank everyone involved for allowing me to have this experience.
Gene Gutierrez

FIREMAN’S MUSEUM San Diego, CA ~ 2004

09/10/04 It’s beautiful. Thank you!
John Patter

09/10 A lot of hard work and sincere thoughts went into each and every bead. Beautiful work!

09/10 It was a privelege to be a part of this project.
Chris Forsythe*

09/10 Thank you for all the hard work.
Ed Cormode Fire St.#21 San Diego City

RELEASE of SOULS MEMORIAL Balboa Park, San Diego, CA ~ 2004

9/11/04 We will never forget!
Jane Hendricks American Airlines

9/11 God bless thos lost and their loved ones!
Guy Venuti DMAT CA-4

9/11 Still grieving
Cori McAnally

9/11 God bless you all for your dedication and courage!
Dan Trivers

9/11 Strength United is STRONGER!
Robbin Soderbery L.V.N. DMAT CA-4

9/11 For Debra Flight 93! Peace and love to all!
Marc & Manual Borza

9/11 God protect this nation and the world against evil!
Jorge A Tayberos

9/11 We are still the greatest country!
Kathy Biles

9/11 May we remember who we are and what we will become!
Mary Pierce

9/11 To all my dear firemen and police officers – Louis Arena from Staten Island, I will never forget you and you will always be in my heart. I will always remember your warm and bright smile.
Rose Pesci

9/11 We were there because we care!
Perry Vlahos SMFD

9/11 In God we trust and freedom will always be priceless. God bless America and her heroes.
Jewar Mejia & Family

9/11 Who knew that such an aweful day in history would bring us all so close together! Never forget and always believe!
Cynthia & Chris

9/11 It was an honor to real the names of the fallen. We will never forget you.
Julie Lopez

9/11 What an incredible story you were forced to tell. This will be available for future generations to let them know how we cherish our freedom and can pass along the memories of 9/11. Never forget!
M. Hayes

9/11 I’m a Malaysian and was studying here in the States when it happened. When I realized America was being attacked, for the first time I felt I was part of America. I shared in the sorrow and tears and prayed for all involved. Your job, each of you, is a source of inspiration and courage. Thanks! We’ll never forget. I’ll never forget!
Georgia Tham

9/11 Truly an amazing piece of art. It shows that America’s spirit will never be broken. God Bless America!
Dr. Roshad H. Eckart

9/11 May Americans always stay united and remember all who gave their all.
John J. and Kathleen Dzorenka Ground Zero Volunteers

9/11 Great event that needed to be done. Quilt is magnificent!
Julia & Charles Perrot

9/11 Being there…being here…it still hurts!

9/11 To all the people who helped in 9/11, Thank You very much!
Gen. Baskiel

9/11 The fire still burns
Joe B.

9/11 I really enjoyed the rememberance of 3 years ago. The tragedy everyone went through was a real impact.
Christine Villa

9/11 I am honored to be a part of this extraordinary memorial. God Bless!

9/11 On 9/11/01 I lost my best and oldest friend, Firefighter Daniel T. Sohn Always remember! I love you Danny!
Louis J. Beitsche

9/11 It’s always incredibly comforting to realize that people really care, regardless of political beliefs, race, culture or religion.
Christy Castellanos SDSU Daily Aztec

9/11 American living in Hong Kong. I’m so glad to share in this service of memory with other Americans. It is the first time I’ve been in the U.S. on 9/11. The beaded patches are amazing! Thanks!
Juli Bolten

9/11 Thank you for helping us remember and honor all those lost. The artistry is a demonstration of the diversity and talent that is America! We appreciate you bringing it to us here!
Madeline Connolly

9/11 Thank you for helping us remember! I love the beads!
Jimmy Connolly

9/11 Powerful, Outspoken, Beautiful, Captivating! Thank you for sharing your gifts, experiences and emotions with the world! God be with you!
Colleen Sweeney

9/11 The love you’ve shown for all those who left the earth on 9/11 is immeasurable ~ This tribute was beautiful!

9/11 For my brother Neal who was a witness…for my friend Walter who lost his daughter, Leah, I will always remember!