Team BeadQuilt

Guestbook Excerpts

First of all, we would like to thank the most important contributors of all... those who have donated their time and talent by creating the squares that make up the quilt. Thankfully, they are too numerous to list, but you can see their beautiful work here on the website!

We also feel that it is important to publicly acknowledge all of those who, through their generous donations, are helping to make this project a reality.


A Beaucoup Conge

AJT Development

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Bead Society, Anchorage Chapter

Ariana's Creations

Art Supply Warehouse

Robin Atkins

The Austin Bead Society


Bead & Button Magazine

Bead Connection

Bead Expo

The Bead Society of Greater Washington

The Bead Museum of Arizona

Beadwork Magazine

Anna Bealle

The Black Bead (Lynn Dornbusch)

Buy the Kit

C M Offray & Son Inc.

Carlile Trucking

Nichole Coggiola

Jeanette Cook

Copper Coyote Beads Unlimited

Crafty Dragon Beads

Creative Castle

The Crystal Pendant

Da Bead Babe

Karen Cohen

Suzanne Cooper

SaraBeth Cullinan

Andrea Domroe

Kathleen Elbinger

Gail Farley

Jonna Faulkner

Margo Field

Fire Mountain Gems

FoxDen Designs

Sarah Fraizer

Ellen Gaimore

Gig's Beads 'n Things

Barbara Grainger

Sandi Graves

Nancy Graver

The Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild

Kris Hall Publications

Caroline Hayes

Helby Imports

Carol Horn

Houston Bead Society

Charley Hughes

Georgia Johnson

Bette Kelly

Jen Kuhns

Lacey Ladies Guild of Arizona

Rocky Lane

Audrey Lavine

Lifesongs Antiques & Beads (Sharon Hillman)

Betty Listello

Celia Martin

Sandy Martin

Mat-Su Valley Bead Society

Marina Mercedes Meeks

Beverly Miller

Susan Miller

The New Mexico Bead Society

The Northern California Bead Society

NorthWest Bead Society

The Orange County Bead Society

Out On A Whim

Poppy Fields Bead Company

The Portland Bead Society

Chris Pratt

Chris Prussing

The Puget Sound Bead Festival

Paula Purpura

Sheryl Quick

Marsha Regeling

Marcia Robinson

The Rocky Mountain Bead Society

Laurie Saikin

The San Diego Bead Society

San Francisco Arts and Crafts

San Gabriel Bead Company

The San Gabriel Bead Society

Pam Sani

Pat Savu

Pat Sohns

Shanigans' Bead Shenanigans

The Shepherdess (Marcie Stone)


Shipwreck Beads

Wendy Simpson-Conner

Liz Smith


Dee Stark

Storm Cloud Trading Company

Suza Bead Company

Lisabeth Tafoya

Mary Tafoya

The Texas Beaders Email List

The Texas Bead Retreat

Visual Future

Judy Walker

Jean Watkins

Pamela Way

You are all greatly appreciated,
The Bead Quilt

For questions or to make a paypal donation please email The Bead Quilt


The Bead Quilt c/o Andrea Adams
PO Box 55937
Shoreline, WA 98155